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    Equipment built to meet U.S specifications, building codes & requirements

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    Our rooftop units can be custom built to suit your requirements

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    High Quality, long lasting & years of trouble-free service

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    We spend a lot time indoors, let us help you keep your home vented & smelling fresh

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Our Experienced Engineers will ensure that you get the right solution!

About Us

We have 125 years of in-house experience in Heating, Cooling, Energy Recovery, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration & Ventilation Products

Our aftersales support services comes directly from manufacturer’s & factory trained personnel’s

With over 125 years of collaborative in-house experience, the RSEL team can provide expert guidance on system design and equipment selection. We represent major equipment manufacturers of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment like Ductless Split Systems, Hotel Packaged Terminal Units, Rooftop Air Conditioning Units and Kitchen Ventilation Systems etc.



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About Us

Our Services

HVAC Equipment Manufacturers Representative

RSEL Represents manufacturers of high-quality Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment that meets US Industry standards.  RSEL and its associated companies provide Engineered systems for Industrial and Commercial applications including Oil/Gas Sectors, Commercial Office Buildings and Hospitality.

HVAC Engineering Design & Consultation

With over 125 years of in-house experience, R.S.E.L team can provide expert guidance on HVAC system design and equipment selection that meets international specifications.

Architectural Drafting & Design Consultation

Our team is guided by U.S & international specifications and can provide Construction drawings, building plans, blueprints, & working shop drawings for commercial & residential projects.

Mechanical Drafting & Design Consultation

We provide high-quality and precision HVAC design services, and working shop drawings in CAD and Revit Formats.

We Work with World Renowned Manufacturers