HVAC Equipment Manufacturers Representative

RSEL Represents manufacturers of high-quality Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment that meets US Industry standards.  RSEL and its associated companies provide Engineered systems for Industrial and Commercial applications including Oil/Gas Sectors, Commercial Office Buildings and Hospitality.

HVAC Engineering Design & Consultation

With over 125 years of in-house experience, R.S.E.L team can provide expert guidance on HVAC system design and equipment selection that meets international specifications.

Architectural Drafting & Design Consultation

Our team is guided by U.S & international specifications and can provide Construction drawings, building plans, blueprints, & working shop drawings for commercial & residential projects.

Mechanical Drafting & Design Consultation

We provide high-quality and precision HVAC design services, and working shop drawings in CAD and Revit Formats.

We Can be consulted on All Makes & Models